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This is where the bin-ends, the end-of-the-line wines, the one-remaining-bottle, the ‘we-just-want-it-to-stop’ leftovers reside. Given there are only a few of each of these on the couch watching Shortland Street re-runs, we really do want them gone. There’s so much great bubbly out there, including our own home grown sparkling wine. Spanish Cava, French Methode and Champagne, Italian Prosecco, Australian sparkling. There’s sweet, dry, red, pink - the world's your oyster. Which incidentally is a great match with bubbly!

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Mionetto Gran Rose Extra Dry is an irresistible Spumante from the Mionetto Prestige line with a captivatingly fine and long-lasting perlage that makes an ideal aperitif. Its cuvée of red grapes from Veneto and Trentino exude a beguiling fruitiness aroma with notes of pink grapefruit, raspberry, pomegranate and black currant. Its finely fruity taste unfolds with hints of raspberry, with a dry, refreshing finish. This sparkling Italian wine is a summer-time hit waiting to happen.

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With its savoury, earthy nose, this is a succulent, supple expression of the indigenous Negroamaro grape, boasting spicy red fruits and ripe tannins.

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The wonderful Leoube, titans of Provencal rose production, make a wonderful sparkling model, revealing the barest of blushes but packed with plenty of fresh vibrancy.

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Next-level vintage sparkler; delicate aromatics of citrus and stonefruit,a crisp, creamy palate of citrus and brioche with toasty, nutty nuances.

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Drappier is considered the finest boutique producer in the C�tes des Bar region of the Aube district. Exponents of organic and traditional practices, they aspire to a position of natural authenticity. A high proportion of Chardonnay is present, with the opulent Pinot Noir fruit contributing notes of red fruits and violets.

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The colour is light, petals of roses, orange with fine bubbles. At first there is a sharp and mineral nose, with notes of currants and pomelos. Then the depth with notes of strawberries, saffron and biscuits sign of aging in cellar. On the palate is fresh and tenderly accompanied by its effervescence. Tender with flavor, delicate texture and air without manifestation of red wine. Long and tangy finish, mineral and chalky mixture. Grand Cru 90% Chardonnay - 10% Pinot Noir. Dosage Extra-Brut 3 g/L

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A delicate cherry colour with a hint of copper. The mousse is fine and persistent. On the nose, there are aromas of red fruits.

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Pastry flavors and orange zest. Then more complex with wheat, white fruit, toast, coffee...Fresh and round, vinosity and volume in the mouth. Finale with flavors of biscuits and almonds. Is distinguished from other wines by its greedy and round side.

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Expressing all of the pedigree of the 2008 vintage beautifully, this is a gorgeous wine with tons of class and has a lot to offer. This finely-knit champagne laces together dried pear, mint, chamomile, crushed rock, dried flowers and pastry overtones.

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First summer nose: white fruits, toasted almonds …Then more expression: lemon, bread, pastry accompany the mineral notes. Pointed and slender. Beautiful vinosity with smooth and silky texture. Long and mineral finish, clean with a salty note.

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Ruinart is a very old and highly respected champagne house, and their Blanc de Blancs expression is one of the regions finest. Creamy and mouth-filling, this is a wine of substance, vigour and charm.

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Its freshness and finesse gladly accompany exchanges and chatter, or even transform them into long Conversations. Very active and continuous bubble trains, this seductive and classic blend of wheat, biscuit, pear then mineral and woody notes give it a rather complex nose. A sharp attack, firm and slender with a hint of acidity. Grapefruit notes and slight bitterness mix with minerality. A long and slightly chalky finish.

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